Mentoring & Leadership Development

A comprehensive mentoring program for marginalized youth with potential aged 12-17.   Youth are provided developmental support in group sessions to discuss various topics such as critical thinking, problem solving, peer pressure, goal setting, public speaking, career development, and college readiness. Youth participate in community service projects and develop a vision board to articulate their future goals. Group workshops are supplemented by psycho-educational field trips, guest speakers, group projects, literary discussion, media exploration, and journaling.  

Frontline Dads youth presenting at the PEACEMAKERS Summit 

Frontline Dads Inc.


A girls mentoring program that helps young ladies aged 12-18 build self-esteem, social skills,  etiquette, and critical thinking skills. The mentees all learn how to set goals and are provided support for career development, which includes college readiness,  and vision board development. Dreamgirls provides gender specific support for girls who have dreams and aspire to greatness. 

Social Justice Advocacy & Criminal Justice Reform

Re-Entry Support

The Re-Entry program assists men and women returning home from prison who need help rebuilding their lives after being released. Participants can engage in a job readiness training where they can receive employment referrals, housing assistance referrals, D&A treatment referrals, peer mentor support, and clothing donations. The goal is to teach them to fish so they can eat for a lifetime, not simply give them a fish so they can eat today.

The Philadelphia Coalition for a Just District Attorney is comprised of a diverse set of groups representing tens of thousands of Philadelphia voters and communities. This coalition is working to hold the District Attorney accountable to their communities’ fundamental need for justice and respect. Members of the Philadelphia Coalition for a Just District Attorney include: ACLU of Pennsylvania, Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project, The No215Jail Coalition, Juntos, The Center for Returning Citizens, Asian Americans United, Media Mobilizing Project, New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia, Techbook Online, VietLead, Reconstruction, Inc., X-Offenders for Community Empowerment, 215 People’s Alliance, Project HOME, Vote for Homes Coalition, Coalition to Abolish Death By Incarceration (CADBI), Frontline Dads, Inc., Color of Change, and DecarceratePA.

Philadelphia Community Bail Fund

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Frontline Dads youth at the Black Male Development Symposium 


The Peacemakers program is a prevention-based strategy that teaches young people conflict resolution techniques that empowers them to become change agents in their communities and schools by promoting peace.  A series of violence-prevention workshops are offered in a structured manner so that young people can learn to de-escalate situations that have the potential for violence, thereby, reducing violence.   

The Philadelphia Community Bail Fund posts bail for residents of Philadelphia who cannot afford to pay bail, and works to bring to light the inequities of the use of cash bail in Philadelphia and to advocate for the abolition of bail and pretrial detention in our city.  We know that Philly jails are filled with people who spend weeks, months, or even years incarcerated while waiting for court, simply because they do not have the money to pay for their own freedom. Pre-trial detention leads to higher rates of conviction, pressure to accept guilty pleas, longer sentences, and traumatic disruption of lives including loss of jobs, housing, mental health supports, and devastated families. By paying bail, our fund supports individuals in remaining at home with their families and communities while fighting their cases.

The Coalition For A Just D.A.

Change The Hustle 

A comprehensive entrepreneurship program where returning citizens learn "Business 101" and how to transfer their "street skills" into the business world in order to open a small business. Participants are taught, step by step, how to start a business in Pennsylvania. They will learn how to write a business plan, file the appropriate paperwork, and obtain a business privilege license.  

Zack Mondesire, Reuben Jones, Cleve Picket, Rob Hudson

Anger Management

Frontline Dads provides Anger Management counseling for people dealing with anger related issues such as intermittent explosive disorder (IED), anxiety, depression, assertive anger, behavioral anger, chronic anger, judgmental anger, overwhelmed anger, retaliatory anger, self-abuse anger, verbal anger, volatile anger and passive-aggressive anger. Anger Management Groups are facilitated by Master’s Level Clinical therapists who are trauma informed and “Sanctuary” trained.  Anger Management counseling will help participants identify stressors, take necessary steps to control their anger and handle tense situations in a constructive manner. Some of the techniques used are impulse control, self-awareness, meditation, frustration management, breathing techniques, relaxation strategies, and journaling. Participants may be self-referred or court mandated.  Anger Management groups are open to people in recovery, returning citizens in transition from incarceration and diversion programs.  Frontline Dads Inc. is an approved DOC vendor and an OVR contractor.

Parenting Class

A comprehensive parenting class for men disconnected from their children because of divorce, separation, or incarceration. The fathers learn how to navigate the family court system for issues such as child support, custody and/or visitation.  

Frontline Dads mentees escorting Teenshop girls to the Cotillion 

Men's Support Group

A support group for men that provides encouragement, guidance, and feedback to men who struggle with similar issues such as relationships, parenting, reintegration, etc. The group is intended to help build supportive relationships for men where they can be comfortable seeking and obtaining advice and/or feedback in a positive, supportive environment where they are free to share, vent, strategize and bond.

Mentoring & Leadership Development



Parenting Class


Anger Management

Men's Support Group

​Change The Hustle

Social Justice Advocacy